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Facetime 121 sex chat

Hello, I am new to this site and I am 64 years old.I am not sure if there are other senior guys out there and if so, it would be good to know that I am not alone.

I have some guilt and therefore, would be looking for anyone else who might be in my same situation. One poll shows that at least 20% of our membership is over 50 and we've some on here that are older than you as well.There are many posts that deal with issues of guilt and I believe that guiilt by its very nature is non-discriminatory with regard to age so don't let that hold you back.It's not abnormal to have those thoughts and feelings in fact it's quite common.Please take some time to browse through the many topics on this forum and I think you'll find that you are far from alone.Best of Luck and Safe Journey as you explore....from one senior citizen to another, Welcome to the site Peace Chapter1 Hello and welcome to the group dons I look forward to hearing more of your story, I have never acted on my urges yet and would love to hear how you felt about it.I have always had a certain attraction to older men so your story will have added interest for me.

I hope you enjoy the site (I sure am), and good luck on the quest for answers.

I think we are all on some sort of quest Welcome, dons.

We're glad that you've taken the step of introducing yourself.

I hope that you find this a warm and supportive place in which to explore your feelings and experiences.

Our ages and experiences are all over the place, so I'm certain that you'll find several with whom you can relate.

Many of us have dealt with guilt, so you'll also find some sympathetic ears on this score, too.

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