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'There are a lot of what you'd call "nines" and "10s",' says Lauren Frazer- Hutton, 29, a model and former star who was happy to talk about her Raya membership. For some people, it's an ego boost to match with someone hot.

Put it like this: there are lots of vegan models posing with a surfboard and a puppy-and not in an ironic way.'It was a Raya investor who first introduced Lauren to the app when she was living in Los Angeles last year, and she downloaded it almost straight away.

For 20 thrilling seconds over the shoulder of a Raya member, I have a keyhole view of the dating app for A-listers, and, oh my word, it's fun. After Kelly Osbourne's profile was exposed, Raya introduced a banner that popped up when users tried to take a screenshot, threatening expulsion from the app if the picture appeared anywhere public.

First, there's a Hollywood actor, aged around 33 - not that hot, but very talented. Although the members I spoke to were discreet, all admitted they'd been shocked by how high-profile some were.

'They messaged online for eight months and then, when one of them went to New York on a work trip, they got together and now they fly over all the time.'Of course, Raya is not the only exclusive dating site.

There's Sparkology and the League - the latter catering to academically snobby graduates of Ivy League universities - as well as Luxy (self-described as 'Tinder minus the poor people'), which verifies users' wealth by their tax returns, and an invitation-only London-based app called the Inner Circle, which is primarily for Euros.

Fashiony ones.' Others complain that Raya's promise to introduce them to like-minded people in the creative industries has not been kept. You can also heart girls, even if you are not into them romantically. It's still very exclusive, but you can use it as a tool for work, as well as scroll through it in the back of an Uber and have a gawp.'Like a cross between Soho House and Linked In?

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