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Of course it is true that type alone does not in itself determine if two people make a good match. The systems detailed here are the ones that have been observed and postulated by professionals in the field.

First off, before we start I’d like to take a moment to voice a word of warning: I know that there are several double-Introvert couples out there who are convinced that Introverts belong together.

I am going to contradict you on this one and some you are probably going to be appalled by what I have to say.

If you are new to Jungian typology, or simply want to get underneath the skin of a certain type, I can highly recommend their material.

Especially the “personal growth” subpages should come in handy for the in-depth study of any given type.

And while it’s true that there are many areas of a relationship that cannot be examined via the Jungian typology I can tell you for certain that there are some patterns out there which the Jungian typology makes it very easy for you to grasp.

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