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Downdating psp

Heres the Release Info 2.71 Downdater by Dark_Ale X/Mathieulh/Yoshi This software is free, unlicensed and comes with no warranty.

This program requires that someone with a 1.50 runs a little program and send you the output so you can init the downdate process.Theres also a V1.5 to V1.0 downgrader whch was released July 6th this year.Whats Downgrading Every PSP has a firmware, if your playing the latest PSP games then most likely you have a PSP 2.71 and if your unlucky the PSP 2.80 firmware.Now for those that dont know the best firmware for homebrew and much more is V1.5 Firmware.All the downgraders can make your machine go back to that firmware so you can enjoy the many thousands of games released for homebrew.Introduction Dark_Alex and Mathieulh have released a new downgrader for PSPs with 2.71 firmware thats only possible due to the recent Tiff Exploit that was found.

Once you run and are successful your PSP will be a homebrew friendly v1.5 PSP which can play all Homebrew, Emulators and even the Devhook UMD loader so you’ll still be able to play 2.71 games on your v1.5 PSP.

All PSP users owe thanks to Bigbird for sacrificing 3 psps, and also to Xairu, wak Awooki (UP chip) and Joshrulez2 (bricked) as well as others for risking their PSPs.

Check out the Video Here – XM-qct Zc Some History This isnt the first Downgrader for the PSP, Dark_Alex, Yoshihiro and Mathieulh released the 2.5/2.6 Downdater on July 2nd 2006, and before that was the V2.0 to V1.5 Downgrader which was released back in 2005.

(by legal reasons i cannot provide those files directly, that’s why this is needed).

The 1.50 program is TOTALLY safe, it only dumps the flash of a 1.50 user and it also extracts some special prx’s found in the 1.50 updater.

The downdater directory outputted is exactly the same than the created by the 2.60/2.50 downdater.

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