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Divorced catholic and dating

What really matters is where you stand with God and being in His good graces is all you need.

“I may be divorced, but I still believe in marriage.I want to find someone to spend my life with, but I have to find myself again, first.” These are words from a very wise woman.Her divorce had been quite difficult for her and her children, especially since she had married for life.Many Catholic moms today find themselves in this exact position and hope to remarry again.People who go through a divorce talk about the “Scarlet ‘D'”, that terrible feeling of scandal that a marital breakup seems to bring. There is no possible way one word, especially “divorce” can encapsulate who you are as a person, nor does it invalidate your role as an important family member, friend or member of society.It does not erase all the good qualities you possess or all the good things you’ve done.

It doesn’t negate your potential for living the rest of your life.

Believing this is critical if you hope to have a successful relationship in the future There may be others around you who judge you because of your divorce, but your personal value cannot be measured by what other people think of you.

But is jumping back into the dating scene the right thing to do?

No one wants to go through another divorce, so how do you know where to begin?

If you are asking this same question, I’d like to offer you some ideas and encouragement because I believe, despite your divorce, you still have great things awaiting you in your future.

Aside from the obvious starting point – going through the annulment process and hopefully receiving a decree of nullity – there are some definitive steps you can take to not only prepare for a new relationship, but elevate your level of attractiveness.

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