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"- Ezra Pounddirty - spreading pollution or contamination; especially radioactive contamination; "the air near the foundry was always dirty"; "a dirty bomb releases enormous amounts of long-lived radioactive fallout"dirty - (of color) discolored by impurities; not bright and clear; "dirty" is often used in combination; "a dirty (or dingy) white"; "the muddied grey of the sea"; "muddy colors"; "dirty-green walls"; "dirty-blonde hair"filthy, soiled, grubby, nasty, foul, muddy, polluted, messy, sullied, grimy, unclean, mucky, grotty (slang), grungy (slang, chiefly U. Iceland might be super friendly but your wallet will take a hammering.So what you need to know is which countries fair the best in all three aspects.These countries are golden and you should consider visiting them on your next vacation. I barely even know where Macedonia is but judging from these results it could be a hidden gem. In no particular order: I’ve found data for each of these individual aspects and then I’ve combined the three sets of data to come up with a new list that shows the countries that are the best for cheapness, safety and friendliness .I’ve provided individual rankings for each aspect first and at the end of the post you’ll see the results of the brand new combined rankings.

You can find the full list of countries in the WEF report that I mentioned above. Here’s a quick snap shot and a list of the top 5 and bottom 5 countries. Because there’s no point going to Bolivia which is cheap but very unfriendly for tourists.

Cheapest countries: 1) India 2) Pakistan 3) Nepal 4) Algeria 5) Bolivia Most expensive countries: 95) Norway 94) Switzerland 93) Australia 92) Luxembourg 91) Denmark Special mention: 35) South Africa 78) United Kingdom 62) United States Safest countries: 1) Japan 2) Taiwan ) Hong Kong 4) United Arab Emirates 5) Malta Least safe countries: 95) Venezuela 94) Trinidad & Tobago 93) South Africa 92) Kenya 91) Puerto Rico Special mention: 45) United Kingdom 76) United States Now, here’s what you are really looking for. There’s also no point in going to Pakistan which is cheap but not very safe or friendly.

I also used data from this wonderful index website called Numbeo.

A recent 500+ page report by the World Economic Forum contains a few golden data nuggets that has enabled me to come up with the answers.

Before traveling to any country, I suggest checking out a few indexes on Numbeo about the country of your choosing.

From my limited but growing travel experience, I have come to the conclusion that there are three factors that influence how enjoyable a country is.

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