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Direct sex chat without sign in and registreation

If you're prepared to live with this then you'll find that all the girls look fantastic and really get you hot in no time.They also dress impeccably, whereas on other sites you'll find lots of amateurs shuffling round in shorts and an old t-shirt.

Sex Station is a web-based spin-off from a popular UK adult tv channel.You won't find telephone chat on that many cams sites these days but it's worth taking a technological step backwards to sample some of the British beauties on display here.With a range of chat types, including the delightful 'filthy chat', you're bound to emerge feeling dirty and slightly ashamed.There's no free membership, so you'll have to sign up before you get to see very much, including the chat rooms.However, you might call the free live chat number on the homepage and spend 5 minutes seeing what Sex Station is all about.You might want to set your expectations fairly low for the free chat, as it's a little dull.

Thankfully, the chat rooms proper are significantly hotter.

Still, it doesn't cost anything, except 5 minutes of your life.

The performers on the site are British females, couples and males who work as professionals in the UK porn industry.

You'll find wall-to-wall glamour models and porn stars, some of which you'll probably recognise from your DVD collection.

At the time of this review there were 180 girls registered with the site, but only around 10 online.

This can be a common issue with professional performers who work in a number of different places and appear rarely, compared to the plucky amateur who spends several hours most days waiting to chat.

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