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David deangelo double your dating dvd

Sometimes it's hard to take a "step back" and realize JUST HOW FAR YOU'VE COME... Now I want to help you take your game to the next level...

You could see what you did "wrong", and you know on the next try you can do it right and win...Well that's what this program is going to teach you.I'm going to reveal and describe the single most powerful underlying "TRICK" to consistently and predictably attracting women... And the great thing about this "trick" is that once you get it, you'll never lose it.Once you understand this one SIMPLE thing, it will forever change your interactions with women... If you're experiencing any of these things now, it means you've come along way. In other words, just to get to the point where you COULD have these feelings and situations come up, you had to do a LOT of work.but my self image was at a place where I just didn't feel like I'd ever be able to do it... thinking that a woman would "figure out" that I was using a "technique" to get her phone number... and hardly ANY of them would actually call me back or meet me... So what's this got to do with MASTERING this thing called "Women And Dating"? What if you could attract women as consistently and predictably as that one-toothed guy at the fair can win the stuffed animal game?I have felt like women were in control of the entire situation, and there was literally NOTHING I could do about it... Again, let me ask you: What if YOU KNEW THAT UNDERLYING "TRICK" to CONSISTENT success with women?

And then the no-front-tooth-havin' guy shows you how "easy" it is AGAIN...

So you cough up the money, and you get ready to win. You try a few more times, and EVERY time you get "so close".

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then I have something VERY important to tell you... right there for you to see (and your girl too, of course). A few years back now, I went up to one of those booths and I said "OK, I'm going to figure this damn thing out".

That something is this: I know exactly how you feel. But instead of falling for the trick of giving up my money right away, I stood there and WATCHED the guy as he tricked people into giving up their money. As I watched, I began to realize that there was something going on that most people weren't seeing. I would watch the toothless guy show someone how "easy it was", then I'd CLOSE MY EYES and imagine myself going through the motions, and doing the "trick" in the sequence.

I've experienced every one of the same fears, frustrations, and dilemmas in my not-too-distant past. You know those games they have that you can play to win a HUGE stuffed animal? There was a "trick" to winning the game, but most people were so "in a hurry" and so "instant gratification minded" that they COULDN'T EVEN SEE IT. I actually stood in front of the booth for about three HOURS preparing myself to win one of those big stuffed animals. I only cared about the fact that I had "beaten the system". I had figured out the secret, and now I HAD THE POWER.

I know what it feels like to want to attract REALLY attractive women... from women, just because I was afraid they'd leave... I was at a place where I was getting email addresses and phone numbers from women LEFT AND RIGHT... When you walk by the booth, the guy with the raspy voice who's missing an upper front tooth says "Here, look how easy it is" and he shows you how easy it is to win the game... As you can imagine, when I finally did play, I WON. I went to another fair event a couple of months later, strolled right up to the booth, and walked away with the huge stuffed animal. (yeah, I realize that I'm kind of a dork, but roll with me here). What if you knew the "trick" to consistently attracting women?

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