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Ukrainian girls will dig into my background to see if I’m a Turkish sex tourist, but most Russian girls I met didn’t do this.Advantage: Russia Russian girls give better initial responses to your approach and are more likely to give you their number from a shorter conversation, but are not easier to get into bed.

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Even a date to a basic cafe for coffee and cake will cost you about $25, as opposed to $8 in Ukraine.

I calculated that I would need at least $4,000 a month in Moscow to have the lifestyle that could be had in Poland or Ukraine for about $1,500 (or less).

Face control is where bouncers eye you up and down to see if you have the right look to enter the club. The problem with this is that it’s hard to make a plan to be in a particular venue because you may be denied entry and have no backup. Ironically, both times were when I was with a girl (she was pretty to me, but maybe not to the bouncers).

When I was alone or with another guy, I was not denied entry, but I was suited up each time.

In other words, to go out in Moscow I had to dress up whether I liked it or not to decrease the chance of being face controlled.

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