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Our expedient practice for fitting safety levers was the "lather-rinse-repeat" method of trying a number of different safety levers and performing function checks with each one until the weapon worked as it should with a particular safety.On occasion we would break out the stones and grind to fit.

Frequently, replacing a sear meant that a hammer and/or safety lever and possibly a disconnector may need changed out as well in order for the weapon to function properly during running down the function checklist. Beyond the fire control/lockwork parts, if you're talking about 5" "Gov't Models" most other parts are interchangeable to varying degrees.For example, Colt 1911s from the 70s and just into the 80s have a collet-type barrel bushing and the muzzle end of the barrel has a slight "taper" to mate with the collet fingers.Standard bushings don't work with Series 70 Mk IV barrels, and standard barrels don't work with collet bushings.Once you get into Compacts, Officers, and other shorter 1911 models, things like regoil spring assemblies, guide rods, barrel bushings, barrels, etc. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a third party.

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NET , hereafter referred to as "name server group 1", which also MODNOEPLATIE.

I spoke with a man yesterday that said He changed out some inner parts of his Citadel 1911 for Kimber parts. I do not have any experience with 1911s (looking to purchase however! Pistol Packin Preacher Iin general, lockwork/fire control group parts like hammer, trigger, sear, disconnector, sear spring, axis pins, safety lever, etc. That's NOT to say that some fitting may be required; for example, you just can't swap the entire fire control group from one 1911 into another and expect things to be just fine.

How many parts are interchangeable on 1911s and can you use parts from most any makes? ) and wanted to increase my knowledge in this area. It is entirely possible that the safety will not work properly, or the lockwork may not even function.

Swapping 1911 lockwork parts frequently requires fitting of parts and adjustment of the sear spring for two examples, and IMO such a practice is best left to individuals with 1911 platform experience.

Case in point: As a Marine armorer (2111) in the 70s and 80s, I frequently worked on M1911A1 pistols.

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