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Dating website scams malaysia

Enter Ramon Young, supposedly another American whom she also met on and she asked him if he could help locate Ackermann.

Then, a lawyer, Dorothy Watson from Texas, informed her that Young had been arrested and all his assets frozen.Philippine critics warn Duterte’s war on crime spiralling out of control The Edit: Shockwave therapy may help heal muscle injuries The Edit: Taiwan welcomes wagging tails at first vet blood bank National Sports Institute to take measures against Zika in Rio PETALING JAYA, Oct 18 — Internet scams are well-known and not many people will fall for absurd claims of outrageous rewards for very little effort on the part of the victim.But it persists, and for a reason: every now and then, it works. Ackermann said everything she wanted to hear, she needed to hear. In her police report, the doctor said they met on Shaadi.com, a dating agency, in May last year and became friendly.A doctor at a public hospital, who has parted with her life savings of RM1.5 million, is a fine example of an easy mark on an Internet dating site. Ackermann asked her first for a friendly loan of US$5,000 (RM16,332) and later £1,000 (RM5,277) which he agreed to repay in three weeks but did not despite a so-called lawyer’s agreement.After the payments were made through telegraphic transfer and Western Union, he could not be contacted through email or phone.Watson wanted the doctor to give her power of attorney to represent her in the case against Young and get compensation of US$150,000 (RM490,981) from the court. The doctor told police she then came across Jimmy Kossoko, claiming to be Canadian, whom she met on a few years ago.

When she told Kossoko she had been cheated by two men, he offered to get an FBI agent friend Janet Hans based in Denmark.

Hans received about US$16,000 (RM52,361) for her investigations, which included sending a Nigerian FBI agent to South Africa.

The doctor was then informed that Hans suddenly died of cancer in May, while Ackerman and Young were arrested.

Kossoko then convinced the doctor that Hans had managed to get her a compensation fund of US$580,000 (RM1.9 million).

Danish citizen Jacob Monberg supposedly working in the foreign remittance department in Nordea bank, Denmark, sent the doctor emails asking for a non-refundable US$90,000 (RM294,000) for various documents. Supposed Briton Johnson Mason then joins the party.

He called the doctor on her mobile phone to tell her he has been sent by the international tax clearance department in Denmark to facilitate the money transfer of the compensation fund to her bank accounts in Malaysia.

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