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Dating progressing slowly

I apologized to my last serious relationship because I was touchy/feely. You have opinions on everything, why not share what you are thinking? But stop with the expectations you are laying on guys, they don't have a crystal ball. If either has to question whether it is the right time to be getting sexual, then clearly they really are not that emotionally close to the other person. There are other ways to show affection and these will inevitably lead on to more; unless the guy/ woman is totally without hope lol... Its not always possible to have sex within 3 dates.if the guy lives with his parents and the woman has her kids living with her.car sex was ok when I was a teenager..not something i'd do now. Going on my 3rd date tonight :-)That's kind of vague.IMO you aren't really addressing anything relevant. Because he's shy, nervous, and doesn't live up to a desired "masculine" image? Because they are shy and nervous so are unable to communicate or talk about sex?

As for " Rules" such stupidities only exist in the minds of those who live in square boxes~I haven't heard of this in regard to sex, exactly, but I've heard on this site the "rule" that after the third date you decide you can make a go of a relationship, or you don't date them a fourth time. I love these rules, that somebody or other pulled out of their... First, I don't always decide you are a person I would like to persue on the first date, I usually give it 2, I figure, I liked you enough from emails and phone calls, it's usually my dime, so why not be sure.While it's a bit rigid, I certainly wouldn't date a guy who was a "maybe" only once; I certainly wouldn't date a guy I didn't have a particular spark with four times! Don't call her/him for 3 days, sex a must by 3rd date, he pays, she... As for sex, there's enough garbage from the wah wah squad on here, about guys running after sex, getting it too early, getting it too easy and a host of other complaints.Yeah, I know you asked for *ladies* advice but I think I have something to add... If you need to read about dating or the need for rules, pass me by! I usually figure it should happen between 5th and 10th date, 10th being if she is very conservative, or was burned.Us guys have heard over and over and over again how guys just want to get into your pants...which is generally true but, given the said complaints, some of us don't push the subject. As for you women, what are you 26, 36, 46, 56, because you are acting like 16! building a relationship should be something natural.thus sex should happen naturally and when both are ready.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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You hear a lot of stories about guys trying to get some on the first date and whatnot...

But you never hear about guys who don't move fast enough?

Have any of you women ever been with a guy who doesn't progress physically in the relationship as fast as you want him to? If you're okay with the three date rule, and he's too shy or nervous to make the moves, would you think badly of him? Lastly, how long can a guy go in a relationship without being physical, before it starts bothering you?

Geez I never knew there was a 3 date rule to have sex????

My philosophy is, go with the flow and whatever happens, happens. If impatience encumbers the natural flow then it's best to run rather then waste your time on someone who believes in the existence of dating rules!!

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