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Dating in china for foreigners

So far, these systems are managed by municipalities, according to different rules.This splitting introduces a segmentation of the labor market – the burdens and benefits are different depending on whether the employee is a resident of the municipality or not.

Including migrant workers (mingong) can now benefit from a minimum social insurance system, especially since the reinforcement of the administration means in case of non-payment.Since the reform of July 1st 2011, there is a regulation that makes mandatory the payment of social security contributions.INS tells you everything about this text: The Chinese government requires foreign workers to contribute to their social welfare.The Law October 28, 2010 on Chinese social insurance plans to subjugate the foreign employee to Chinese social payroll effective July 1st, 2011, date of entry into force.This provision will increase the labor costs of foreign personnel and causes then questions within the business community, which employs some thousands of French expatriates working in China.This is the first time that the Chinese government publishes such a comprehensive law on the social security system.

If this regulation keeps its gray areas, it is in itself a major political issue.

But this magnitude has a cost for foreigners, since it is also the first national legislation to impose an obligation on foreign personnel to contribute to the Chinese social security scheme.

This Act is to establish the first universal and harmonized social insurance system at the national level for the pension plan, and at the provincial level for pension sickness, unemployment and accidents.

Despite the injunction to stop any breach, the authorities may impose a late fee of 0.05% per day on the total amount due.

Social protection in China includes all mechanisms that protect individuals from the consequences of social risks and consists of the following funds: – Old-age insurance; – Health Insurance; – Unemployment insurance; – Working accident insurance; – Maternity insurance.

Please note that the contribution to the fund is mandatory for all employees regardless of their gender.

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