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Dating a geminicancer cusp

To determine how to date Gemini-Cancer cusps, you must first find out the time of birth which dictates their actual sun sign.Find out which side of the cusp a date lies with insight from an experienced and certified astrologer in this free video on zodiac compatibility.

Due to variations in astrological calendars, this may became apparent during the last few days of a departing Sign, but the “cusp” (as it is termed) pertains chiefly to the first week of the incoming Sign.Anxious to gain public favor, these cuspians generally succeed by virtue of their great tact and versatility.Interested in heredity and ancestors, this is often reflected in a desire to care for relatives and propagate the family line.The Gemini/Cancer cusp combination, also known as the Cusp of Magic, corresponds symbolically to the period of human life at around the age of twenty-one.Romantic and inspirational, these natives often employ their talents and energies in the service of a higher purpose…family, religion, philosophy, arts and political or social causes, for example.These are individuals who can wholeheartedly throw themselves into devotional activities and often appear to be mild, even self-effacing characters.

Many Gemini/Cancer subjects prefer anonymity in their careers, although there can also be more aggresive natives of this cusp who become assertive as they mature and have no problem in letting the world know who they are.

Easily seduced, most of these cuspians have the ability to enchant those around them…both consciously and unconsciously.

While the new Sign is gaining its ascendancy, the influences of the old will persist but gradually loses its hold day-by-day until, by the seventh day, the new Sign is in complete control.

Gemini/Cancer Cusp Individuals born on the cusp of Gemini (the third Sign of the Zodiac) and Cancer (the fourth Sign of the Zodiac) are ruled by both Mercury and the Moon.

These cuspians possess a large degree of brilliance and influence, and tend to control those around them.

They dislike work which is perceived to be laborious and the inherent shrewdness here often enables Gemini/Cancer natives to attain the “world’s goods” without a great deal of physical or mental effort on their part.

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