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Dating a fat retard

I’ve always been attracted to thin athletic women who take care of their bodies and work hard at staying in shape.

She is about 5’4” tall and probably 400-500lbs, that’s right 500lbs; grotesquely fat by most people’s standards.I have no idea how she got hired because I know the HR manager in our company pretty well and she views fat people as lazy and poor employees and would never voluntarily hire a woman who is 500lbs.The woman in question is in her late 20s or early 30s at the most.She is married to a the size of water melons but the rest of her body is a quivering jiggling mass of what I would normally view as a hot mess.She also has 2 children from another relationship other than her current husband (normally another killer).She is sweet and always has a sunny disposition despite the personal turmoil I know she endures.

The poor girl is so fat that she literally sweats profusely just sitting at her desk working on her computer.

She works hard and does exemplary work but never seems to get any recognition for it.

TLC's new show My Big Fat Fabulous Life will chronicle the life of the Greensboro, North Carolina native as she tries to dance her way to physical fitness, all while empowering women who feel guilty or ashamed of their bodies.

Stay positive: 'Living with PCOS isn't easy,' she says.

'But I still have a choice in how I let it affect my attitude. I have one life to live, and it damn sure better count'The series, which premieres in January, will follow Whitney as she lives life to the full, from wearing a bikini on the beach for the first time in a decade to going on dates and confronting online bullies who body-shame her.

First of all I’m an in shape guy 6’1” 190lbs, athletic and active, I’ve been told that I’m good looking by a lot of women.

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