define dating exclusively - Dating tips meeting parents

If you’re going to be late — it better be for a good reason — then be sure to have a fully charged mobile phone and their number to let them know ahead of time.

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Then just as quickly as it came, your elation fades.

It means this relationship is actually headed somewhere.

Think about how your parents would want your new man to dress. If you are going out to a nice dinner, choose a simple A-line dress. Keep in mind that it is always better to err on the side of conservative when meeting the parents. Pair your pants with a sweater in a flattering color or a tasteful, feminine blouse. So keep the sweat suits and tennis shoes in your gym bag.

They’d likely not be too thrilled if he walked into their home as if he were heading to the gym or out to a bachelor party in Vegas. Finally, yes, it’s important to show your personality in your outfit and we would never tell you not to express who you are.

Another no-brainer, be polite to your boy/girlfriend’s parents!

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