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(Robert Johnston) John de St Jorre has had the life most little boys would dream of – recruited as a spy at Oxford, then a war correspondent and author.

But unlike most little boys, his mother mysteriously disappeared when he was four years old, a fact that was never spoken about by his family.

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Through alternating chapters, we meet Werner, an 8-year old German orphan with a gift for engineering and Marie-Laure, a six-year-old blind French girl, who lives with her doting father.

Over 500 glorious pages, Doerr meticulously charts the course of their lives as their paths inevitably cross.

The story – an embroidery of James Baldwin’s own experience as an adolescent minister – sees the protagonist struggle with his city, church and sexuality.

It’s a work that continues to surprise for its passion and prescience, as vital now as its publication in 1953.

The result is powerfully life-affirming and gripping.

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