Dating someone with the same last name

Dating someone with the same last name

Lets take the 50/50 point as where we decide that this really isn’t the sort of metric we should rely on and try and understand just how big the 50/50 group is.

This remember covers of 36,525 days, a rudimentary maths approach would say that 23/365 (6.3%) would indicate around 2300 people would be required, probability however isn’t rudimentary maths and instead the answer is that just 226 people are required until a 50/50 match is probable.

The National Assembly of South Korea passed an amendment to the Article in March 2002, which came into force on 31 March 2005, and prohibited marriage only between men and women who are closely related.

Traditionally, men and women who have the same surnames and "ancestral homes", called dongseong dongbon (Hangul: 동성동본, Hanja: 同姓同本), are not permitted to marry.

The rule, called honinbeop (Hangul: 혼인법, Hanja: 婚姻法), originated in China, and can be traced back at least to the late Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

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