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But it had been hard work and I needed a rest after that. It was in some summer program at a college (that was my definition of “summer vacation” during college.

I don’t think anyone found their true love on there.

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Another girl worked at a major bank and was willing to write whatever check it took for me to get divorced. Plus a friend of mine had gone out with one or both of them and I didn’t like that and he couldn’t even remember. Why the GM Volt would need to have a twitter strategy was not my business to ask.

I met one girl who hadn’t worked in 20 years but lived in a beautiful apartment on the Upper East Side her father paid for. I liked the lesbian but dated the one that might not have been but she couldn’t handle kids. One of the investors was the woman who had started the very first online dating service, back in 1995. Also other people were interested in getting advice on how to manage their own twitter strategies so we named the company “140 Labs” so it would be more than just dating. Some ad agency even wanted my help with setting up the twitter strategy for GM’s Volt launch. I said, “I’m working on a dating site for twitter.” I thought everyone would start cheering and clapping. I couldn’t waste time going to Detroit and I felt like a fake speaking at a twitter conference about love.

(screenshot of twitter taken November 8, 2006) Howard Lindzon had showed me a little website,, over two years earlier in early 2007. But another way to keep in touch with many people who I would like but who would probably never be my friends.

Why weren’t the servers going down because they were loaded with so many signups?

When I was a kid I would spend time four blocks away from there at my grandparent’s house. And then finally at the end they told me the bad news via a popup.

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