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Improve the artist by purchasing Eric Nam - Interview from Yes Asia Source (1) (2) Tags ii O'clock Date With Park Kyung Lim Chloe Moretz Eric Nam Post Navigation Outdated Tale MONSTA X Hints At Special Gift For Fanatics Coming Soon Next Story Watch: SHINees Onew Treats Fans To His Crying Acting While Receiving Scene Stealer Award #2 O'clock Date With Park Kyung Lim #Chloe Moretz #Eric Nam Share on Facebook Share on Twitter After a rumor referring to her alleged dating alongside BTS member Jimin, MBK Entertainment feminine soloist Shannon took to her Instagram to respond.On July 11th, Shannon leaves a long postal service on her Instagram account at the facet of screenshots of the rumors that experience spread,writing, Oh my god do you wantto discoverlarger things to do.During an interview with “The Star,” Eric Nam talks about his personality, revealing, “A lot of other people think that I just drink coffee yet ane practice like to move out and feature fun.

The couple is currently receiving a lot of love and attention for their adorable relationship on the preferred MBC type show.

He doesnt spare any compliments for Solar, saying, “She’s all thecontrary of me.

Im no longer too sure, but I heard news they may smartly be coming to Korea to perform.

Its greatto peer theyre keeping up their close friendship!

It’s cute seeing how she can do anything else well.” Continuing, he says, “We’re either busy but we do toucheach and every other frequently,” revealing that even outdoor of the filming for the show, they care for a just right relationship.

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