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He has natural talent and a pleasant stage presence that makes him stand out whether he's in a group or on his own.

Keep your eyes and ears open for him, because his career is only going to get even bigger and better.

Lewis' unaccompanied introduction to "Jackie-ing", slowing building around the chords of the playful Monk march before inviting drums and guitar to join him is an eloquent lesson in dynamic tension and release.

The trio trips around in space with Lewis' organ at times reminiscent of Sun Ra before sliding smoothly into the infectious melody of "Criss Cross", with Blackman's drums offering a jagged contrast to the velvety tone of the B 3, before the trio settles into an earthy mood and then blasts back into the stratosphere to conclude astrally.

Now on Organ Monk the spotlight is finally shined on his enormous talents as the leader of his own all-star trio featuring multitalented guitarist Ron Jackson and drummer extraordinaire Cindy Blackman.

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