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Best of all, a pre-engagement counselor can detect problem areas that could destroy their future.Pursuing pre-engagement counseling does not mean that anything is necessarily wrong with a relationship.On the day I married my wife, Ashley, I must have been asked over 50 times whether I was nervous.

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Overall, the counseling was invaluable, because it reinforced our compatibility and intensified my desire to truly love Ashley.

Shortly thereafter, I joyfully proposed to her on a mountaintop on July 4, 1999.

Key areas of the relationship are discussed, including personality differences, family and child raising issues, past relationships, spiritual maturity, financial issues, and sexual expectations.

Most importantly, a good counselor will review the truths of Christ’s unconditional love to make sure that each individual understand how it applies to their relationship.

The counseling sessions are also a safe place for couples to address any concerns they may feel about each other.

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