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They may need to go through the healing process and you might end up as their “transition person.” If they have filed for divorce, going through the legal proceedings with someone you are dating can be difficult on a new relationship. Communicating via text message and instant messages can be fun and flirty. Those who don’t post an online dating profile photo may be hiding something.However, I hear too many complaints from singles that they can’t move their relationship from online to offline. When creating your online dating profile, your photo is the enticing introduction that starts the communication.What sorts of advice do you recommend individuals JUST starting out? Julie Spira: There are some online dating sites that focus on casual dating or hook ups.

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If you are interested in marriage, check that box on your profile. If they aren’t interested in a serious relationship, you are doing yourself a favor.

Some red flags for serial daters include: Marital Status – Separated.

Julie Spira: I believe you need to trust your intuition when meeting someone online. Do their online dating profiles say when they were taken?

Do their social networking photos look like their online dating profiles?

I seriously recommend singles who are interested in a casual relationship sign up for one of these sites.

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