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European public services operate in a complex and changing environment.Ensuring interoperability between the legal instruments, business processes, information exchanges and components that support the delivery of European public services is a continuous task.

And a drop in loneliness was linked to an increase in feeling more socially connected, which the researchers believe is the cause behind the positive effects of status updating.

[6 Personal Secrets Your Facebook Profile Isn't Keeping] Interestingly, the team found that loneliness levels did not depend on whether the students' status updates garnered any comments or "Likes" from Facebook friends.

College students who posted more status updates than they normally did felt less lonely over the course of a week, even if no one "Liked" or commented on their posts, researchers found.

"We got the idea to conduct this study during a coffee-break sharing random stories about what friends had posted on Facebook," psychology researcher Fenne große Deters, of the Universitat Berlin, told Live Science in an email.

Also, a large credit card company may have millions of accounts.

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