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In 2004, Patterson performed the following skills on each apparatus: Vault Double-twisting Yurchenko (round-off, back-handspring entry, double-twisting layout) Uneven Bars Glide kip, cast to handstand (KCH) on low bar toe-on 1/1 (D) stalder shoot to high bar (C); KCH stalder 1/1 (D) giant 1.5 (D) giant 1/1 (C) Tkatchev (D) Pak salto (D); KCH 1/2 toe-on shoot to high bar (B); KCH giant (B) giant tucked full-in dismount (D) Balance Beam Side split sit mount (A); standing Arabian (F); front aerial (D) back handspring step-out (B) layout step-out (C); front tuck (D) sheep jump (D); full turn (A); switch split leap (C) back tuck (C); round-off (B) back handspring to two feet (B) Arabian double front dismount (Patterson) (G) Floor Exercise Straddle jump 1/1 (Popa) (C) tuck jump 2/1 (B); round-off back handspring tucked full-in (E); round-off back handspring tucked Arabian double front (E); switch split leap (B) split leap 1/1 (C); round-off back handspring back layout 5/2 (D) front layout (B); full turn (A); cat leap 2/1 (B) cat leap 3/2 (B); round-off back handspring double pike (D) Patterson first expressed interest in becoming a professional singer in a March 2005 interview.

On August 21, 2005, she gave an interview on Fox Sports Net's Sports Sunday in which she gave more details on her future career.

She also has a number of high-profile corporate sponsorships; she appeared in a Mobile ESPN commercial aired during Super Bowl XL in 2006.

She also finished her authorized biography, which was released in April 2006.

The next year, at the 2001 Goodwill Games in Brisbane, Australia, she was ranked second in the all-around before the final rotation but missed three landings on the floor exercise and finished seventh. She also helped the United States earn the team gold medal, a first for the American women.

National Championships, which would have been her first Nationals as a senior, because of a broken elbow.

She also won the floor exercise at the National Championships and placed second on balance beam.

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