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Bisexual chat line

Friday afternoon I was reading some bi stuff that developed a craving to suck a ****. I wanted to try giving and getting oral sex with a guy. As i said in my earlier experience I enjoy older men.

Bi, not really, just experimenting..over 30 years, questioning, perhaps. In those days you had to swim nude which fed into the obssession I had with ***** since about the age of 12 or so, especially those bigger than my own. Ron's work takes him out of state quite a bit, and this always leaves me frustrated, lonely and of course very horny. Ok so I've always been curious about sex with the other gender, growing up my brother was bisexual and I wanted to know what was so good about it.when i was in my teens and twenties i would occasionally mess around with my best friend while we were between girlfriends or just really loaded. I'm really not into guys,yet when I was married to my first wife we went to a couples house to swap and there were I think about 8 or 9 people there.we'd be watching **** and getting high and things would get sexual. We started to play truth or dare and when I asked my wife she said dare,so I said I wanted her to suck one of the ladies...I had been married for five years and my wife and I started swinging. In highschool I used the YMCA a lot, handball courts, weight room , swimming pool. We decided to have a dip in the stream, it wasn't really deep enough to swim...

We pitched our tent by a small stream and did all the usual stuff around the camp site.

I overcompensated in trying to be manly to make up for the feelings I was having. When I was in early years of high school a friend and I went camping one weekend in the bush near where we lived.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to spend the afternoon together. I've known I'm at least bi-curious for two years now.

As usual it started with a phone call asking if I could come over... When I realised I was bisexual I'd slept with twelve women.

This story is here so that people know that being bisexual is not necessarily like being gay.

You don't know what you're going to feel and when but there...

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