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While they are all living risky lives, the key activator of the plot starts when Yan, (Kabby Hui), the most well-to-do of the featured trio, rips off a drug dealer and goes missing after spectacularly dangling from the balcony of her luxury apartment building.

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There is some ambiguity about the motivation of Yan’s prostitution-dabbling, social media friends, poor girl, Wai Wai (Heidi Lee) and mute Wai Ying (Rainky Wai).

However, while the reward money is a serious lure, the girls also know the types of risks Yan has been exposed to as they have been taking exactly the same risks – and more.

One of the things that made Hong Kong cinema of the 1980s such a powerhouse was that there were so many talented people cranking out films in a market dominated by genre sensibilities.

Directors like Tsui Hark, John Woo, and Ann Hui, to name but a few, employed some charismatic actors, dazzling technique and an anything goes mentality to create a daring genre cinema.

However, great films are always exceptions rather than the norm.

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