Backdating e dating british

If you think you have a good reason for making a claim late, you should tell us in writing straight away.

The court stated the general rule that “a written contract becomes binding when it is finally executed or delivered, unless a different intent appears.” Although the face of the main agreement in the FDIC/Weatherford transaction expressed an intended effective date of November 7, 2008, ancillary documents signed in connection with the transaction weren’t backdated, and the main agreement didn’t explain why it was backdated.

Due to this ambiguity in the contract documents, the trial court was permitted to look at the evidence of the parties’ intent outside of the documents, and it found that the FDIC didn’t acquire an interest in the loan until June 2009, regardless of the stated effective date in the main agreement.

If you qualify for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support, we will normally pay your benefit from the Monday following the day your completed claim form is received.

Up to 1 April 2016 you can make a written request for your claim to be backdated up to six months before the date your written request is received.

But if done with fraudulent intent, it may be a civil fraud or a crime, e.g., if one backdates a deed of gift so as to qualify it for more favorable tax treatment than was available at its actual date.

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