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So if we begin without assumptions which pre-determine our conclusions, we have to ask what would be the rational justification for 16 or 18.

Its not something Ive thought about a great deal I must admit, but off the top of my head Id probably say 16 seems the more sensible of the two, 16 is the level at which the state deems an individual to have completed the compulsory amount of education neccesary to adequately function in society, and therefore it could be reasonably deduced from that to vote.

Philip Cowley Ok, surely the assumption here is that a change in the voting age in order to be right, has to be a solution to some identifiable pre-existing problem.

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There was just one issue – out of eleven – where the majority of the public both understood and supported the constitution: and that was having a voting age of 18.

So it’s a bizarre way to reinvigorate democracy: find the only issue where a majority both understand and agree, and then do the exact opposite.

Traffickers are attracted to Guyana's interior mining communities where there is limited government control, but Guyanese and foreign nationals are also vulnerable to trafficking in urban centers and elsewhere in the country.

Children are particularly vulnerable to forced labor.

Not much has changed since the Electoral Commission considered the subject in 2004 and rejected it.

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