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Beyond the basics — including an easy dashboard to manage the ‘store front’ and track data — Shopline offers marketing and promotion services to help less tech savvy retailers grow their reach and visibility, while it says websites are responsively designed to support visitors from mobile devices.

The one-year-old startup initially adopted a freemium model, but it has changed that.

The rise of social media shops — wherein merchants sell items via Facebook, Instagram and other sites, often using messaging apps to communicate and ATM/bank transfers to pay — has not gone unnoticed. S.-based Shopify made a big push into Asia, and there are countless domestic rivals and marketplace sites like Rocket Internet’s Zalora and Lazada open to merchants, but Yip believes Shopline’s focus on Asia is key.

“There are global players, but a lot of them don’t speak the language of the local market — their language of business is different.

Yip admitted that Southeast Asia is an enticing market for Shopline, but it will need to take a “market-by-market” approach to expansions given the importance of local factors in each country.

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