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While that’s great if things don’t work out, it’s almost too easy to go back on “just to see,” or worse, out of spite.Online dating is amazing for the options it provides—getting to meet people whose paths you wouldn’t normally cross—but I wouldn’t recommend using these options to the detriment of having a new relationship blossom, which is usually the goal to begin with!A person wants to, say, end up in a long-term relationship.

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Wouldn’t you want to get the site and not keep making plans to get back on?

My job is to help people put their best foot forward when online dating, either through working with me individually or through reading my book, but the job is supposed to have an end point—my client meeting someone with whom he or she is compatible. I want you to online date effectively so you can meet wonderful people, one of whom may just be “the one” or exactly what you’re looking for.

As a college boyfriend of mine said at the ripe old age of 21, “There’s another bus around the corner.” As you might imagine, that’s not exactly what you want to hear from your significant other.

If you are, in fact, looking for something serious or long-term, then you might want to assess whether you’re simply looking for the best mate for you (A-okay) or whether you’re actually addicted to the process of online dating, getting a case of what I like to call “Grass is Greener Syndrome.” A client of mine recently asked me this question: “How do I manage two women and the launch of a promising relationship with one of them, while at the same time protecting myself if things don’t work out?

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