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H is one of those tricky ones we keep coming across! Find the biggest, most complicated hedge maze you can and disappear into it for a few hours.These five Happy Date Ideas were the only ones I could come up with, but I know you clever little things will be able to offer some more great ideas to me as well. You can even sneak kisses down dead-ends when no one is looking.

Holiday House Wrack your brain and come up with a friend that owns a holiday house.Then give them a call and ask in your nicest voice if you can use it for a weekend.It will cost you zilch and you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to get away from it all on a cheap-as-chips date with your sweetie. Spend your time there taking walks and snuggling on the couch. Humanitarian Help out a good cause while you spend time together.Volunteer at a soup kitchen, pick up litter from your local parklands or donate blood.There are thousands of worthy charities out there that could do with your help. Check out 5 Worthy Date Ideas That Give Something Back for inspiration.

Happy Hour Suss out happy hour at your local and spend your night perched on bar stools, catching up on your week, playing darts and cracking peanut shells. Find out when cocktail happy hour at a romantic bar might be, if you want to upgrade this date a little in the class-stakes.

Hookah Lounge The finest in Turkish fruit-spiced tobacco is just waiting for you at a cozy little Hookah Lounge somewhere.

Indulge in some mezze and other exotic indulgences as you relax into a great night for two.

Writer, dating columnist, wife, coffee addict, foodie, fashionista...

begins by revealing the dating history of the writer, Kate Bolick, who is nearly 40, still single, and totally fine with it.

Admittedly, when I first began her 12,000 word essay, I thought she was dealing with denial, claiming she was content with her single status while likely secretly moping on the couch.

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