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It will open a chat window if logged in to Yahoo Messenger already and if the user is not logged it will prompt to login to Yahoo..

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I’m Bradi, and this is The Scan – recapping of some of this week’s top security stories.

Io T, Phone Home As appliances get smarter, we now have a whole new set of targets for hackers to attack. Hip Hip Hooray for RSA The annual RSA conference in San Francisco was the largest yet, showing the growing interest in the cyber security industry.

The new webchat (beta) works seamlessly across all major browsers (*coughs* IE7 too *coughs*) and devices.

Clicking the online icon of XMPP will launch Pidgin if it is installed in the local machine. If Pidgin is not installed, the message webpage cannot be displayed appears in the browser.

She spends her ‘hands free time’ with her family and dogs and enjoys road trips and doing anything outdoors.

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