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Download Resources: Finally, if you want to make some personal healthy living changes you can collect tips and lessons on how to do so on our website.

You can download program booklets (to follow at home on your own) and healthy living information on our resource page.

to act on behalf of the public to maintain access to a safe dental service in the province and also to ensure that those persons provided with the right to provide such service are properly trained and continue to maintain a satisfactory level of competence appropriate to their individual license.

PEI is a community-based healthy living program that offers free physical activity and healthy eating programs for Islanders across PEI. PEI is designed around providing information and supports to assist all Islanders to make simple changes to their lifestyle to improve their overall health and quality of go! Activities that have readily available infrastructure across the Province 3. If you have an interest in getting something started for your group, send our coordinator an email.

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