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You know how when you get a speeding ticket you don't get a right to a jury trial or representation, but when you are accused of a felony you do? If we are going to entrust Universities to hold people's futures in the balance and alter the course of their lives based on closed door decisions, just maybe a little more transparency and due process is warranted.

You know, to avoid situations PRECISELY LIKE THIS MESS.

Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk I went through a custody battle, watched my son's mom on the stand, under oath, sit and lie and lie and lie.

Who the hell would go back to cheering on their supposed perpetrators? in fact, i don't think the police would have emphasized in the report that the girl seemed lucid, willing unless he saw other players, who admitted to the police they had sex with the women, were seen in the video as well. You appear to have made up your mind before I even posted.

I used "gang sex" b/c I said I didn't know if it was consensual or not. If I said "bang" you probably would've accuse me of associating Black kids with guns.

The lies and schemes being portrayed by the administration is appalling. Also, why is it always a white girl that gets taken "advantage" of? This whole scenario does exactly what the title IX stuff intended, send the message that disrespect for women will not be tolerated, particularly when it comes to sexual assault.

�� You're looking for racism where isn't. I happen to have had two sons that played college football, and I warned them both about situations like these. You don't go to the hospital immediately after and file a police report if you consented to having sex with 5 guys. I, like others badly want the team to win and be relevant.

Criminal.......charges.........a....differen t....burden......proof....Code..... People should be willing to take that at face value unless and until the U is overturned on appeal. 8, police investigators Eric Faulconer and Matthew Wente interviewed Djam.

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