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Fear of violating parole or probation could prevent people from seeking help or advice related to their offense, undercutting public safety.

Pushing and intimidating offenders off the internet makes it harder for them to find jobs, obtain social support, read the news and function in contemporary society.

Even a small chance of extended incarceration wasn't a risk he was willing to take.

So now Trevor is thinking about his Furby and whether his probation officer thinks it will pose a risk to society.

Trevor also never saw his laptop again, which, as he found out, survived with only a corrupted hard drive and destroyed metadata.

Now unable to prove his innocence against the word of law enforcement and facing a potential $80,000 in legal fees and five to 25 years in prison if brought to trial, Trevor, like most other people in similar situations, took a plea deal: one year in jail for one potentially suspicious cached thumbnail image.

As a registered sex offender, Trevor must abide by a bewildering array of rules, regulations and restrictions.

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