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But now I know I am not for them, that I am equal and I am here for good work.I came here to do good work."Villages without young women The Sindhupalchowk district, a poor farming area located in the northeast part of Nepal, has been a known provider of prostitutes since the 1950s.A lot of the girls want to go, not necessarily as sex workers, but anything to get out of the situation they were born into."In Nepal, as in other Asian countries, many families want sons, not daughters.

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As a young woman, transformed by her rescue, she rejects any kind of return to a traditional role for a woman, and does not want to return to her village."When I was not a prostitute," she says, "I was inferior to men.

I was born only for men; I was like a shoe for men.

On a Saturday morning Anuradha Koirala darts about like a mother hen.

The wiry, petite lady in a sari moves around a small courtyard keeping an eye on a couple of dozen children and teenage girls.

She is destined for an arranged marriage, and is frequently secondary to a son.

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