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While promiscuity among of-age boys is often shrugged off or even celebrated, unmarried girls who are sexually active are severely ostracized and in some cases exposed to violence at the hands of their male family members."When you want to marry, it's very difficult to find a man who will accept that you are not a virgin," says Marjan.After a brief conversation with the startled teacher, he arrested Reza and his confidant and dragged them out into the school garden for interrogation.


"He started beating and slapping me, then going over to my friend and kicking him.

He kept asking, 'What did you do with your girlfriend, and when?

Although the object of his affection, the neighbors' daughter Golnar, didn't reciprocate his sympathies, he showered her with flowers, carved her name on pieces of wood, and bribed the neighborhood boys with rare chewing gum wrappers to find out more about her.

At the height of his infatuation, he conjured up a preadolescent fantasy that he shared with his classmate.

The relationship is risky, as the two have no intention of getting married.

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