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"I always knew you were different from my other children. His mother took his hands and nodded, "What can we do to help?

" In a different country, this coming out story might not be considered out of the ordinary.

"The problem is that somewhere down the road, someone finds out you are gay and then starts blackmailing you.

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Many gays endure beatings and even sexual assaults from family members, he adds.

Even if one manages to create a parallel life, it is tenuous and can be destroyed instantly.

The host is an Iranian man in his mid-20s, whose parents let him use the villa when he wants, and he's throwing a birthday party for his European boyfriend.

He has paid off the local moral police in the hopes his guests will be allowed to enter and exit the party undisturbed.

Often, this kind of compromising information is used to push gay people to inform on their fellow citizens.

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