Chat rooms for siblings with young adults with disabilities

Assuming he does, then you need to talk to his Case Manager and tell her clearly and consistently that you emotional and physical health are going downhill and your son needs more support now than you can provide.

And do not let them give you the crap of in-home supports because the main issue is that you love your son and you want him to be settled before something happens to your health and he is suddenly"forced" into a new situation.

Then an overnight visit and perhaps one for a couple of days to see how all blend together. - For Katlady, if your son completed at least high school, have you been in touch with the local office of the Department of Rehabilitative Services to see if he would qualify for job support services probably part-time to begin with?

Understand your son may not like it, but it is a move to which you hope to find the best setting to which he will adapt. No one will ever care for her or love her the way I do. I'm very limited to the amount of time I can be away from Jess before I need to return and render care. But for now there isn't too much I can do about that. There is funding for these services not through vocational rehab funds.

If you move forward now, you will have the chance to help support him whereas in a crisis you would not be able to do so. I'm just always thankful for each day I have with Jess, as I have come close to losing her to illness and seuzures many times. - Assuming he is on Medicaid, then have you checked to see if there is any Medicaid Waiver to help those who need direct care assistance.

A resource on providers reputation might be to contact the closest Arc for input or even names of provider. If so, try and find a provider to come in and take the time for yourself as you can..

Soo very upset received a bill from a dentist for my son, who is blind with neuro vascular disease for 3,950.00 $150.00 of it is for behavior Mangmbt, my son was good as gold at last appt.

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