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Many of the most impressive looking feats we’ve seen have been in the gaming world, from Deep Mind beating Atari classics and the world’s best at Go, to the Open AI gym, which allows anyone to train intelligent agents across an array of gaming environments.

The gaming world offers a perfect place to start machine intelligence work (e.g., constrained environments, explicit rewards, easy-to-compare results, looks impressive)—especially for reinforcement learning.

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Or what else in the world can we reconfigure to make it look more like a game? Developers are dodging meter maids (brilliant—a modern day Paper Boy), categorizing cucumbers, sorting trash, and recreating the memories of loved ones as conversational bots.

Otto’s self-driving trucks delivering beer on their first commercial ride even seems like a bonus level from Grand Theft Auto.

(originally published by O'Reilly here, this year in collaboration with my amazing partner James Cham!

If you're interested in enterprise implications of this chart please refer to Harvard Business Review's The Competitive Landscape for Machine Intelligence)Almost a year ago, we published our now-annual landscape of machine intelligence companies, and goodness have we seen a lot of activity since then.

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