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The report will show that of the 510 secondary school teachers surveyed, 71 per cent said education in secondary school was the most important way of teaching young people about sexual exploitation.

The figure has been revealed on the day the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) CEOP command launches a new educational film designed to teach young people how to spot the signs of an exploitative relationship.The 18-minute film, which is entitled Exploited, and is aimed at secondary school pupils, tells the story of a teenager who becomes involved with a group that is sexually exploiting a 14-year-old girl.In contrast, the film also looks at a healthy relationship in terms of setting boundaries and mutual respect.The film is launched on the same day that the charity, Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) and ’s Safeguarding Children e-Academy, reveal figures from two You Gov surveys of 750 parents and 945 professionals made up of teachers (510), the police (209) and social workers (226). Professional and parental perspectives of child sexual exploitation”, will be published on Tuesday 19 November.At one point, two of the boys surrounded one girl on a school bus seat and sexually abused her, according to the lawsuit.The lawsuit goes on to say that when the allegations were reported, the principal misled the girls’ parents to believe they had called the police but did not, and the coach said the girls could not prove anything because there were no eye witnesses.

The principal later told a state trooper that he could not take statements from students because he was “disrupting the learning environment.” The principal declined to comment on the allegations to the Associated Press.

Nearly three quarters of secondary education teachers say school lessons are the most important way to teach children about sexual exploitation, according to a report being released later this month.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey says that officials at the school in the city of Delbarton even interfered in a police investigation into the incidents and punished the girls who made the allegations.

A lawsuit filed Wednesday asks the defendants — who include the Mingo County School Board, the superintendent, the school principal, the guidance counselor, a coach at the school, the boys and their parents — to prevent further abuse and not to interfere with state police investigations, according to the Associated Press.

The lawsuit says girls complained to a guidance counselor of non-consensual groping and molestations “oftentimes forcible in nature.” The two girls, who were 13 at the time of the incident, named the same two boys — who are both related to Mingo County school system employees —in their complaints.

The alleged gropings took place on a school bus, in the computer lab and on a field trip during the 2012-2013 school year.

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