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When the Soviet Union was abolished, the Russian Federation took over most of its structures and institutions.

One of the first acts of Boris Yeltsin’s new government was his signing of a presidential decree on 27 December 1991, providing for Russian jurisdiction over the central television system.

In August 2000, however, his program criticized how the Putin government handled the explosion of the Russian submarine Kursk.

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From September 1999 to September 2000 he hosted the influential weekly program simply called Sergey Dorenko's Program on Saturdays at 9 pm.

This was especially heavy on criticism and mercilessly attacked Putin’s opponents.

The ‘All-Union State TV and Radio Company’ (Gosteleradio) was transformed into the 'Russian State TV and Radio Company Ostankino'.

A presidential decree of 30 November 1994 transformed Ostankino into a closed joint-stock company, Russian Public TV (Obshchestvennoe Rossiyskoye Televidenie or ORT).

, Survivor, and Star Factory, as well as many homegrown productions.

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