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100 all dating it

She says she has yet to meet a man or a woman who is hot, confident, enthusiastic, friendly and interesting.When dating men, she likes the men to take the lead. She asks my opinion if it’s just her country, or if most people around the world are simply low quality dating prospects.

I’ve been dating lots and having lots of fun, but still lots of first dates with 97 percenters. I understand that someone needs to be the leader in a relationship, or things get confusing and there’s no sexual polarity.Although it is fun, and I’ve met some really interesting people. With men, they have to lead, but with women I prefer to lead.Since I’ve been dating women, I’ve got to admit, the quality is about the same as with men, and there aren’t many who I’d date, so I’m wondering whether you think there’s a 97% of women too? If you’re into self-improvement, you’ll learn most people are zombies and live mediocre lives.It may be hard to find other like-minded people who have the same goals as yourself.) I haven’t found one woman who’s hot, intelligent, friendly, enthusiastic and interesting.Because of this, she has also started dating women!The interesting thing she is finding out about dating women is that most of them are low quality as well.

About the same 97% as men turn out to be low quality prospects.

They are either boring, needy, obsessive and blow up her inbox with messages, or they lack confidence and have no passion for life.

Why most of the people who you find attractive in your dating life will either not be into you, or they simply will not be very interesting, fun, confident or turn out to be a very high quality match.

Therefore, it’s all in the numbers and you should ask out and date as many people as you can in order to find a good quality match for you, and to improve your pickup, dating and relationship skills.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a female viewer who is frustrated with the lack of quality men she is meeting and dating.

She says most of them fall into the category of the 97% who lack confidence, dating skills and are low quality.

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