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Goldman Sachs expects 20.5m electric vehicles to be sold globally between now and 2025 – almost 10m more than it expected one year ago.The industry’s lithium consumption will increase fivefold.With headwinds expected from China, Japan and other countries, companies will have to accelerate efforts to access these markets, and stretch out to new miners and suppliers across the world.

Cornwall already benefits from a thriving tourist industry.

However, its centuries-long history as a mining region means it may well cope with the associated challenges.

On January 19, the British company Cornish Lithium entered into an agreement with Canada’s Strongbow Exploration to explore and potentially develop lithium mining in Cornwall.

This is just a first step and it may be years before any lithium comes on stream, but it’s worth taking a look ahead.

However, the outlook is promising – speakers at a Goldman Sachs low carbon event stated that not even the changing US policy landscape under President Trump is likely to alter the core market forces driving the growth in electric vehicles.

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